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Maura Deedy

childhood ambition: marine biologist or college professor

first job: hostess at TGI Fridays

proudest moment:

with staff: implementing learning 2.0 at my library. observing staff exploring new technology and testing their our boundaries!

with a patron: there was a patron who came to the reference desk and said he needed help applying for a job. he had a few newspaper clippings and said, “all i need to do is email them my resume!” this gentleman did not have email nor a resume. so we started him with email, walking him through setting up an account. and then we went over how to make a resume in microsoft word and making sure he saved it. now, he needed to send the resume so we spent a day or two on how to write and email and attach a document. eventually, he was skilled at checking his email and sending out resumes. he came in one day to announce he had gotten a job! he was moving and needed to look for an apartment. we spent some time looking at craigslist and the local newspaper for apartment listing. that was the last we saw of him. but i know no matter where he is, he knows that he can go to the local public library to get the help he needs.

biggest challenge: being patient: i’ll have an idea and want to start on it right away. i want immediate change!

inspiration: the look on a patron’s face when you’ve helped connect them to the information they are looking for

currently reading: seeds of innovation, learning to love you more,

most surprising thing about being a librarian/library leader: how a little patience goes along way. how thankful customers can be. how colleagues will challenge and surprise you.

I love being a librarian because: it is both an on the front lines and in the background type of job; i balance reference work and instruction with building collections.