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Meg Canada

childhood ambition: to be an author

first job: video store clerk

proudest moment: One of the most rewarding things I do for Hennepin County is volunteering at our Adult Correctional Facility. I talk to Dads about the importance of reading to their children when they return to their lives. We take turns reading aloud and the men select books for their kids. We record them and send books and cds home. When you see someone reconnect to reading and recognize their role in their children’s success- that is the kind of work that makes my heart sing.

biggest challenge: One and a half years as a trainer for New Horizons Computer Learning Center with no previous computer experience. I taught myself the curriculum for over 30 different computer software and internet courses and then taught eight hour days of the material to groups of 10 to 24 adult learners.

inspiration: social networking tools, the bibliobloggers, Henrik Edberg’s Positivity Blog,’s design blog, Tim Sanders (Love is the Killer App), Glenn Peterson, Helene Blowers, and Linda Braun

currently reading: The Art of Possibility by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander

most surprising thing about being a librarian: I am in the minority as an extrovert in this field.

I love working in libraries because: I love working with people, their energy and excitement moves me.