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Joanne Rosario

Childhood ambition: To be a meteorologist. I pictured a cool lab at the North Pole, watching the world weather via satellites. (This was when satellites were new.) I also imagined I’d be there all alone-far away from my little brothers.

First job: Page at the as-yet-unopened Mid-Manhattan library–in September, 1970.

Proudest moment: Can’t think of just one.

Biggest challenge: Keeping my job interesting to me (after 30 plus years) and keeping up with librarians 30 years younger.

Inspiration: My YA colleagues at NYPL. They are awesome.

Currently reading: Truancy by Stuyvesant HS student Isamu Fukui.

Most surprising thing about being a librarian: How much fun I get to have in my job every day.

I love being a librarian because: I am always learning something new and I get to work with smart people.