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Kerri Wallace

childhood ambition: I wanted to be a marine biologist and an Olympic diver, but was traumatized after watching the movie Jaws.

first job: Library page at the Emerson Public Library.

proudest moment: When I was featured in a local newspaper article for starting a MySpace and Blog for teens at the Emerson Library.

biggest challenge: My very first library course, which was introduced as “Most people don’t take this class in the summer because of all the work involved, so if you want to drop the class you can.”

inspiration: My first library director who answered most of my questions with “when you become a librarian you will understand.”

currently reading: Geek Love by Katherine Dunn.

most surprising thing about being a librarian/library leader: How much brainstorming and sharing of ideas can happen when you meet a fellow librarian.

I love being a librarian because: I’ve learned more random facts than Snapple prints on their bottle caps.