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Sarah Couri

Childhood ambition: To solve mysteries like the Three Investigators (also to hang out in junk yards).

First job: Working at a soft serve ice cream shop.

Proudest moment: Turning in a proposal to revamp and revise the whole concept of Summer Reading Club.

Biggest challenge: Helping to close a major library center while simultaneously trying to save that major library center while ALSO trying to effect some pretty major professional/cultural changes in said library center. Pretty much, still working on that one.

Inspiration: Tim Gunn. Jenny Engstrom. Amy Chow.

Currently reading: Naruto, vol 29 (by Masashi Kishimoto)

Most surprising thing about being a librarian: It’s not often that different from working in that ice cream shop: all about good customer service and having a good ‘make it work’ kind of attitude.

I love being a librarian because: Like Viv Savage, I get to have a good time, all the time.