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Tina Peak

childhood ambition: To attend college and become an artist. (Before Iwent to kindergarten I wanted to be a bareback rider in the circus.

first job: Swimming instructor for the LW YMCA AND page at the LakeWales Public Library. Same summer….two jobs….

proudest moment: Watching each of my three sons perform musically orartistically on drums or in glass works….or watching Greg walk his daughter down the aisle to be married, knowing how much he loved his children.

biggest challenge: Being with the love of my life for 18 months as he fought and ultimately succumbed to lung cancer and trying to fight the grief and decide ‘what’s next?’

inspiration: So many intelligent, capable and amazing women from my mother’s generation who stepped back while men stepped forward. If only we’d known their full potential the world might be a different and better place today.

currently reading: “Mexican Everyday” by Rick Bayless and “Old Filth” by Jane Gardam

most surprising thing about being a librarian: The
stereotypes that are still evident….but I’m also surprised at how hard work and dedication to this profession creates such outstanding results in a community. Even if a person never steps foot in a public library they still want to know their community’s library is a great place, resource, etc. for their town, children/grandchildren.

I love being a librarian because: what other job could I possibly have that would allow me to market reading,which I love, buy books, movies, audio books, work with staff who are excited about the mission of a service that’s not only thriving in the 21st century but can be a necessary and desirable government service to all facets of the community.Libraries are the great equalizer. Young mothers from affluent families are side by side with young mothers struggling to make ends meet. But because they were taken to the library as children they are taking their children to the library to discover the treasures. It’s wonderful!!!