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Beth Gallaway

childhood ambition: to be published author (my book, Game On! comes out this year 😀 )

first job: collating binders of catalogs for the company my mom worked for.

proudest moment: hearing that kids I knew from my library job are doing ok — one just got into art school, another recently bought a house. It’s wonderful to hear about their success.

biggest challenge: people who dismiss games based on what they hear in mass media — they heard videogame and think Grand Theft Auto.

inspiration: Linda Braun!

currently reading: A Whole New Brain by Daniel H. Pink

most surprising thing about being a library leader: I have a job that I didn’t think I’d be able to have for another 20 years. I LOVE freelancing!

I love being a librarian because: it’s different every day, and if the consulting thing falls through, I have a lot of really interesting job options.