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Michelle Roberts

childhood ambition: to become an actress, singer, veterinarian, professional softball player, and/or princess

first job: summer camp counselor

proudest moment: I work with the same kids every day in the library. It’s a very low-income area, and most of the kids are performing way below their grade level. The other day this one kid came over to me to proudly tell me that he had needed information on Nicaragua, but instead of asking me for help, he remembered how I had repeatedly shown him the encyclopedias, and this time he actually looked it up himself. This is an amazing improvement from several months prior when I told him to look in a section of books under a certain letter and he just stood staring at the shelves blankly. When he was able to find information for himself, without any help, I thought, “wow, I really taught this kid a skill.” It’s pretty amazing.

biggest challenge: funding, or lack thereof

inspiration: my mom, who is a library director out on Long Island

currently reading: Extras by Scott Westerfeld

most surprising thing about being a librarian/library leader: People never think of Librarians as having exciting jobs, but there are amazing crazy things that happen in the library, especially if you’re left in charge. For instance, the other day a group of 5-10 men starting barbecuing on library property. They don’t teach you how to deal with that in library school.

I love being a librarian because: Not to be on a power trip, but sometimes I think of myself as a keeper of knowledge, and I get to share it with people and expand their worlds. It’s pretty cool. Oh and I love deleting my late fees!