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Anne Rouyer

childhood ambition: To be a soap opera writer for “As the World Turns” in New York City.

first job: cashier at McDonalds

proudest moment: Traveling through Europe for a week, by myself, when I was a sophomore in college.

biggest challenge: Moving to New York City and navigating my career through such a large library system as The New York Public Library. It took me years to truly find my place and my passion and to feel like I had succeeded.

inspiration: My parents who gave me my sense of humor, my love of reading and made me a strong, independent woman.

currently reading: Restless Virgins: love, sex, and survival at a New England Prep School by Abigail Jones and Marisa Miley.

most surprising thing about being a librarian: All the skills you need that they don’t teach you in a Library Masters Program….i.e. diplomacy, negotiation, martial arts, snack buying and stand up comedy.

I love being a librarian because: When I give a patron, especially a teen, a book that they fall in love with, I feel like I have made a small difference in their life just like the librarian who gave me the books that I loved did.