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Erika L. Greene

childhood ambition: to grow up to be Jane Goodall #2 (animal behaviorist)

first job: social worker – focus on elders and children

proudest moment: to be asked to present a program I created and implemented at a conference in Washington D.C.

biggest challenge: overcoming my shyness and fear of speaking in front of large groups, actually any group! Still struggling with this but not giving up!

inspiration: my first job offered me the opportunity to work with senior citizens – wow, what a great experience! They showed me the power of aging and all of the joy, experience, knowledge and self-love that accompanies the aging process. They also showed me how important it is to take care of yourself so you are able to fully participate in your life. It truly changed my life!

currently reading: The Leadership Challenge, what else?! And Juggling Elephants.

most surprising thing about being a library leader: the whole library experience as my background is not in libraries (BA psychology, MPA). I am excited daily by the opportunities available to us to impact our community and help individuals improve their situations – whether through books, humanities programs, literacy and learning programs, children’s programs, technology, or the variety of other services a well-rounded library can offer.

I love being a working in libraries because: I love being able to bring a service to the community – through one portal being able to deliver a wide variety of options, services, programs, laughter, joy, enrichment, and support.