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Chris Shoemaker

childhood ambition: To become an astronaut or brain surgeon

first job: Camp counselor

proudest moment: Volunteering over 1000 hours at a local hospital

biggest challenge: Remembering that no matter how cool I think libraries are, others must still be convinced of that fact

inspiration: Harriet Miles, an extraordinary Children’s librarian, formerly at the City of Palmdale Youth Library. She demonstrated the passion that makes a great librarian, and taught me how to be a great librarian before I ever started a MLIS program.

currently reading: “You must be this happy to enter” by Elizabeth Crane

most surprising thing about being a librarian: Even when you think that everything has been done, you can always find new ways to connect users with the library.

I love being a librarian because: No matter how many programs, booktalks, or schools you visit, there always more opportunities waiting for you.