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Mark McCluski

childhood ambition: I wanted to be Dr. Benton Quest

first job: Bookkeeper (not quite Dr. Quest, is it?

proudest moment: I think it was completing Army Basic Training, but I was pretty tired at the time so I could be mistaken.

biggest challenge: Keeping my head when all about me are losing theirs

inspiration: My dogs: they know everything that’s important to know in life

currently reading: Mexico By Touch: True Life Experiences of a Blind American DeeJay / by Larry P. Johnson

most surprising thing about being a librarian/library leader:_How little being a librarian has to do with books / how relevant my military training has been to being a library leader

I love being a librarian because: I love ideas and thinking, and since I sometimes find these things in short supply in myself I revel in being able to access the thoughts of others in books and other media.