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Tracie D. Hall

When I grew up, I wanted to be: a singer (a la Diana Ross) and a shoe designer. I had a shoe jones even then.

Now I am a zealous champion of LIS education and Assistant Dean at Dominican University Graduate School of Library and Information Science

The most challenging thing about being a librarian is staying motivated and engaged when change is slow coming, innovation is met with cynicism, and passion is dampened by bureaucracy or peanut galleries of naysayers and unbelievers. But we must press on.

The most surprising thing about being a librarian is the wide variety of career opportunities librarianship offers.

My fondest childhood reading memory was falling in love with a book about an ill-behaved but fashionably dressed bear. I identified with this bear whose behavior was daringly out of control. I hid the book from my mother for weeks so she couldn’t take it back to the library. If I could have would have jumped into those pages and joined that bear in his antics.

I am currently reading Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain (I am from Los Angeles, so reading this is kind of obligatory…smile)

If I could only bring one book to a deserted island, it would be a book of poems by Rumi

If I could step into the pages of a book, it would be an interior design book featuring the designs of Vincent Wolfe or Sheila Bridges, Or alternately, I would love, just for a moment, to find myself transported to Borges’ fictional library.

My greatest wish is that our world will move towards a lasting peace.

I love being a librarian because my job requires that I am always learning and growing. Who could ask for more?

I am a committed librarian.